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Hi, I'm Madelyne! I'm a graphic​ designer, hand letterer, illustrator, and muralist living in Washington, D.C. With a degree in English from Texas A&M, I have a background in copywriting and editing. When I'm not nerding out over animated type and unique letterforms, I can be found paddling on the Potomac. 


I specialize in print and digital design, advertising and marketing, infographics, typography, and motion graphics for B2B and B2C companies, as well as individuals and non profits. I leverage my hand lettering and illustration skills to create unique content for brands in print collateral, social media campaigns, and mural installations.


Alongside my friend, fellow muralist, and sometimes business partner, Jess Langley of White Coffee Creative, I produce and edit our podcast, The Badass Roadmap. Between our nearly 8 years of combined business experience, we share our roadmap with you—how we got here, how we survived, the mistakes we made along the way—in the hopes of helping other creatives figure out some things that help you write your own roadmap.


I have a line of hand lettered goods available for retail and wholesale available at Good Letters Design


But that's enough about me, let's talk you. You've got a story to tell, a vision you're passionate about, a cause you're fighting for. You need some help telling that story, championing that cause, fighting the good fight. You're a hard-worker, but you do more than just put in the hours. You lead by example, you set the tone, you help others become better, whether that is through a product you make or a service you provide. You play well with others but, more importantly, you play, because life is too short to take everything seriously all the time. 

Did I miss anything? Does it sound like we might be a good fit? 

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